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*SOLD* Forever Young Denim Jacket

Only one in stock! hurry up

Winter denim jacket with a removable synthetic fur hoodie. Upgraded by hand with 9 different iron-on 555 patches and 2 hand made "Forever Young" patches. 

Size S-L (Oversize)

There is only one! 

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Self Lover Pin

The perfect gift to yourself

"Self Lover" - an hand made original illustration - hard enamel pin in a shiny gold metal finish.

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Peace, Love, and Creation Postcards

Aren't you tired of all those kitsch old-fashioned holiday cards?

"PeaceLove, and Creation" is a collection of 3 postcards with original handmade illustrations of modern musicians and 3 envelopes. 

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The 555 Stories (or: What's in my head)

It's Cyber Monday soon, very soon (Or: How to act like a shop owner)

Hey y'all,  So every once in a while when I go to the supermarket, I always buy stuff I don't really need 'cause they're on sale. SALE. It's yelling at me from the shelves. SALE! only today! I'm convincing myself...

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It's all about the process (or: perfection is ruining my life)

Stefan Sagmeister once said: "Obsessions Make My Life Worse But My Work Better". Well, I couldn't agree more. I find it super hard to be proud of my work, any work, because it is not "ready", there is always something to add and not...

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A beginning of something good (or: write what you feel)

Hey Internet,  My name is Shirley. I am a mom to a beautiful funny little creature named Sol, a graphic designer who loves pretty things and a maker - I'm not sure what that title means, I guess a maker is...

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